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License Plates

Plates and Permits in Illinois

Our knowledge and expertise in assisting our clients in acquiring the right license plates enable us to provide this particular service.

plate numbersPlates and Permits Trucking Services can help you acquire License plates in Illinois & Indiana for any weight plate. We can handle any type of vehicle in your fleet, ranging from cars to semi-trucks, tractor trucks, and Trailers.

If you need license plates, our experience and knowledge on the licensing laws in Illinois & Indiana can help you with that. We can help you with different matters, including the following:

  • Illinois and Indiana IRP/FRP Plates
  • Illinois Base Plate
  • Illinois Special Hauling Vehicle Permits
  • Permanent Semi-Trailer Plates
  • Passenger & Vanity License Plates

We’d love to talk to you more about the license plates and permits you need as well as how we can assist you in acquiring them. Please get in touch with us today!