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How to Start a Trucking Company in 2021


According to statistics, up to 70% of all freight in the US are transported by trucks. This translates to billions of dollars in shipped goods every year.

As we progress into 2021 with the pandemic showing little to no signs of slowing, trucking and logistics services have become more important than ever.

If you’re planning to start a trucking company in 2021, we at Plates and Permits Trucking Services might be able to help you out.

There is a lot to gain from running a trucking business in 2021. You can control which companies you want to work with, decide what type of freight you want to move, as well as how often you’ll make the runs from destination to destination.

Applying for your FMCSA permits and License Plates in Crestwood, Illinois can be confusing, however. Going in without any help can make the process run twice as long, and nobody wants that!

We can help you out with your licenses and permits!

Meeting the requirements set by the Federal and Trucking Authority gives your trucking company protection and security. It also adds to the confidence and trust that your customers feel towards your services and personnel.

If you’re ready to start a career in trucking in 2021, we’re here to make the process smoother and much easier for you.

Contact us to learn more about our Trucking Services in Indiana, today!

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