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Valuable Services That Customers Look for in Trucking Companies


Today, more businesses are offering trucking services across the country. To set your trucking service in Indiana apart from the rest, you might want to consider offering highly valued and sought-after services. Doing so will increase your company’s value and broaden your market to help you achieve your growth goals.

As an established trucking authority, we will discuss the most sought-after and valued services that customers look for in trucking companies:

  • Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) ShippingLTL shipments are eco-friendly, affordable shipping options for customers. LTL shipments are especially useful for companies that do not have enough goods to complete a full load. By offering this service, customers can reserve some of the load while other customers can pay for the remainder of the available space.
  • Expedited ShippingExpedited shipping is often considered a specialized service that incurs additional charges. This may entail sending a truck at an unscheduled time or working with air carriers. This provides faster shipping times for businesses that need a quick turnaround on deliveries. IRP credentials may be required if you plan on offering services across multiple states.
  • Digital Warehousing ServicesTrucking companies can also offer inventory management systems. Since your business already has experience managing the logistics of tracking inventory, you may also offer digital warehousing to customers. This involves tracking incoming inventory, inventory control, knowing the location of each time, and making sure this information is available online.

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