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What You Need to Know About Fuel Taxes


Fuel taxes are a major source of revenue for states, counties, and municipalities. They’re usually charged as a percentage of the purchase price of fuel and can be used for anything from road maintenance to public transportation.

The cost of fuel taxes varies widely depending on the type of fuel being taxed and where it’s being sold. For example, in some areas, diesel fuel is taxed at a higher rate than regular gasoline because it has more potential for producing emissions that contribute to air pollution. In other areas, diesel may not be taxed at all because it’s used primarily by commercial vehicles. The same goes for ethanol blends—some states tax them more heavily than others do.

When it comes to understanding fuel taxes, one thing stands out: they’re not uniform across states or even within individual jurisdictions. This means that if you’re planning on doing business in multiple locations, you’ll need to learn about their unique regulations so that you can avoid penalties and fines while staying compliant with tax laws.

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