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You Should Get an International Registration Plan


Trucking may seem like a straightforward business. But there are still many hurdles to overcome if you want to get your trucking authority.

As a trucking service in Indiana, we know that applying for an international registration plan, or IRP is a must for every successful owner-operator. Let’s talk about its importance in the trucking industry.

An international registration plan essentially allows trucks and other commercial vehicles to operate in other jurisdictions other than their own. This means these commercial vehicles can operate in other states in the country and even in Canada.

Shipping goods within your state is good. But having the ability to move goods to other parts of the country can take your trucking operations to new heights.

You can say yes to more clients as you can be versatile in your operations. With this flexibility, you can also move different kinds of goods to more places. As you explore these new places, the potential to grow your network for your business is high.

Furthermore, when your trucks can ship goods to more places, you can help strengthen the supply chains of more commodities. An IRP will also help boost interstate trading and commerce.

Of course, there will be many requirements to get an IRP. You may also have to be registered with the FMCSA, or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, to get your plan.

If this is all confusing to you, you can give us a call here at Plates and Permits Trucking Services. We can help you get your trucking business going and can even help you get your license plates in Crestwood, Illinois. Call us today for your inquiries!

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