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Answering Your Most Asked Questions About IRP


The International Registration Plan is registration reciprocity between the U.S. and most Canadian provinces. Acquiring a license plate with this tag issued by your company’s home state permits your fleet to operate in all states and most Canadian provinces. An IRP is also a requirement when starting your trucking business and requires an annual renewal fee.

As a trusted trucking authority, we will answer your most commonly asked questions about the International Registration Plan:

  • Who is required to register?

    All apportionable vehicles need to be registered under the international registration plan. This includes any vehicles that are used by two or more member jurisdictions. This includes vehicles or trailers that are used to transport persons for hire or those designed, used, or maintained to transport property.

  • Should trailers and semi-trailers be apportioned?

    The answer is no, the international registration plan does not require the apportionment of trailers. According to Section 515 of the plan, any trailer, auxiliary axle, or semi-trailer properly registered in any jurisdiction should be granted free, full reciprocity.

  • What are the base jurisdiction requirements?

    Base jurisdiction pertains to where the motor carrier has established the place of business. Jurisdictions require proof of this through driver’s license, titles, tax returns, and similar. As a business offering a trucking service in Indiana, this may include documents like utility bills in the business owner or the company’s name.

Plates and Permits Trucking Services is a full-service firm that offers authority services and license plates in Crestwood, Illinois, and Indiana. We offer our authority services across the country and can assist your trucking business in acquiring license plates in Indiana and Illinois. Give us a call to set an appointment and discuss your business needs.

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