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Tips for Lowering Commercial Truck Insurance Rates


If you own a trucking business, the best way to protect your profits and gains is to get insured. But getting a trucking service in Indiana covered can be pricey.

Don’t worry. Plates and Permits Trucking Services has a few tips on how you can lower your fleet premiums. Plus, FMCSA will be happy to know that you’re ensuring the safety of both your drivers and the rest of the population.

Here they are:

  • Go to one insurance companyMany trucking and transportation-related businesses go to multiple insurance companies to cover their different needs. But this can end up in higher insurance premiums. If you can find an insurance company that covers most of your needs, go to them instead.
  • Keep the records cleanMany business owners forget that your insurance premiums will still get affected by your drivers’ records. Even a small fluke such as blowing a red light can rack up your rates. We advise having regular briefings on the importance of safe driving, seminars on best practices, a reward system for responsible driving, and a punishment system for careless drivers. Safe, responsible driving means lesser headaches from the trucking authority. So that’s a win for everyone.
  • Invest in vehiclesThe older your machinery and equipment, the higher the rates. Get better deals and lower the risk for accidents and damages by investing in more current units and vehicle models.

It seems like an expensive alternative. But the benefits far outweigh the high price tag. With newer engines, your license plates in Crestwood, Illinois will not be in danger of getting flagged in by the authorities.

We hope our tips were able to help you out. Good luck on getting those low premiums!

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