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Best Ways to Prevent Truck Breakdowns


You may notice that flat tires are the common problem truckers deal with when they’re on the road, but they’re not the only ones. Truck drivers are often faced with problems with their trucks, especially when they fail to care for their trucks. To prevent these road breakdowns, providers of trucking service in Indiana should bear these tips in mind.

  • Reinspect wheel-ends after preventive maintenance inspections

    Under FMCSA regulations, the bearing condition of every truck should be well-inspected to help prevent wheel-end failures. Under tightened bearings could cause the wheel to wobble and lose lubrication, while overtightened bearings can cause overheating and lubricant loss as well.

  • Change fluids

    Owner-operators with trucking authority should include the checking of their fleet’s fluid levels in their preventative maintenance procedures. Checking the engine oil, coolant, transmission, and other underhood fluids will help prevent leaks and other major problems. You may opt to change your transmission fluid every 20,000 miles and inspect your transmission for any warning signs.

  • Monitor electrical and cooling systems

    Most growing trucking companies requiring license plates in Crestwood, Illinois has a fleet of up-to-date trucks, equipped with the latest electrical systems in the trucking industry. Monitoring these upgraded electrical systems can help ensure the safety and efficiency of their truck drivers. Cooling systems also require monitoring, as most premature engine failures are caused by unmanaged coolant.

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