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Myths About Trucking Businesses Debunked


To most people, the trucking business remains a mystery. This lack of information on the trucking industry is causing misconceptions that impact businesses, owner-operators, and truck drivers. If this negative reputation continues to spread, it may be hard for future owner-operators to get trucking authority and start their fleet. This makes it the perfect time to debunk the trucking industry myths.

  • Myth 1. Truck drivers create unsafe driving conditions on the road.

    The top priority of trucking companies is safety. Truck drivers are trained and oriented on the FMCSA regulation to avoid road accidents. They are aware of their surroundings and have access to technology and mirror systems that make them deliver their services efficiently.

  • Myth 2. Owners should avail of the cheapest trucking insurance available since they’re all the same.

    A provider of trucking service in Indiana should opt for insurance with comprehensive coverage. This ensures that the insurance agency has the expertise to handle trucking insurances.

  • Myth 3. Every fuel receipt doesn’t necessarily have to be kept.

    Fuel receipts come in handy when owner-operators have to renew their IRP plates, as they will be required to keep track of their miles in each jurisdiction they’ve traveled. You may also need this for your IFTA tax filing.

The trucking business is no piece of cake. If you wish to start your own trucking company, trust Plates and Permits Trucking Services to guide you through the process, from getting license plates in Crestwood, Illinois to having your fleet insured.

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