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Documentation Management in the Trucking Industry


Few things cause our clients more anxiety than having their shipment held up at the border because of incomplete paperwork for the trucking authority. We frequently overlook the significance of document management to ensure effective cross-border movements because so much of our attention is frequently focused on the loading times, delivery timeframes, and cost management linked to transferring cargo.

The shipping process involves several different types of documentation involving consideration of regulations of FMCSA. Some may apply to you, while others may not; however, failure to submit the proper paperwork might have serious repercussions.

As a provider of trucking service in Indiana, here are some important reasons why proper documentation is very important in the trucking industry:

  • For clearance in customs
    Whether or not the cargo you are transporting will arrive at its destination is significantly influenced by the customs authority. The right documentation will assist you in getting your shipment through customs and across the border.
  • Insurance claims
    If your goods or cargo are ever lost, stolen, or damaged in any way while being transported from point A to point B, insurance paperwork will enable you to claim insurance benefits.
  • Tracing purposes
    With the right paperwork, you will be able to monitor the whereabouts of your cargo in real time as it travels from point A to point B. With the use of cutting-edge technologies, you can simply monitor the delivery and identify any potential delays. The supporting paperwork will be useful during the audit of the sender, trucking business, and recipient of cargo delivery.

Plates and Permits Trucking Services is committed to helping you in managing your documentation. We also offer services related to license plates in Crestwood, Illinois.

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