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How to Protect Your Goods During Transit


Following the directives of the FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a good start to becoming a trusted trucking provider. However, it is only one part of establishing your credibility and reliability among your clients.

As a trucking service in Indiana, we know that the most trusted truckers are those who deliver packages in good condition. Here are some ways to protect your packages and goods during transit:

  • Handling

    Obtaining a trucking authority takes a lot of work. But all this work can go down the drain when you do not handle your packages well.

    Improper handling raises the risk of unwanted damage. Plenty of the goods you can carry are fragile to a point where even the slightest carelessness on the road leads to damage.

    Delivering damaged goods hurts your reputation and can hurt your bottom line. It is safe to say that poor handling can lead to your business’s demise.

  • Storage

    You can also invest in storage warehouses and other facilities. These facilities are relatively safe and will protect goods from theft and weather damage.

    Proper storage can also mean choosing the right vehicle for your goods, as some goods aren’t meant for certain types of trucks.

  • Protective Packaging
    Of course, you cannot ignore protective packaging. Boxes are commonly used alongside bubble wrap and packing foam. More delicate goods are stored in crates and other stronger materials.

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