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Embarking on the Owner-Operator Journey as a Newcomer


It is normal for truckers to want more independence and to begin driving for themselves. If you want to be your boss, there are many things to consider, plan for, and be aware of before embarking on this new chapter in your life.

Allow Plates and Permits Trucking Services to assist you with your initial steps! We hope the following advice is useful:

  • Have a Plan

    You may already have your company license.

    On the contrary, your FMCSA application is waiting, and you have a general concept of what type of vehicle you want to operate. A business plan allows you to outline your objectives and set specific targets for your company.

  • Make a Budget After You’ve Saved Some Money

    The most common reason why a new trucking company fails is a failure to recognize how costly it can be to get started and stay in trucking. Having money set up for maintenance is especially critical if you drive a truck that has high mileage.

  • Your Well-Being

    It is tough to maintain or improve your health when driving a truck full-time. While many owner-operators believe that their $60,000 vehicle is their most valuable asset, the truth is that the most valuable asset is You. The business cannot function if you are ill.

We try to help you with more than just obtaining the best rate on your insurance as your trusted provider of trucking service in Indiana. We will be there for you in the long run and look forward to learning how we can assist you.

Are you prepared to begin your business journey? Don’t miss the incredible benefits of having your trucking authority in Illinois.

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