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How IRP Improves Your Trucking Experience


The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a cooperative agreement between states in the United States and provinces in Canada that facilitates registration and apportioned payment of registration fees for commercial motor vehicles operating in multiple jurisdictions. The IRP was established to reduce the administrative burden on carriers while also ensuring a fair and consistent fee assessment.

IRP services are the administrative and operational services related to the International Registration Plan and involve the registration and licensing of commercial motor vehicles that operate across multiple jurisdictions. These services also help facilitate registration and calculate payments. The IRP helps in several ways, including the following:

  • Administrative Efficiency

    The IRP establishes standardized procedures and rules for vehicle registration, fee calculation, and reporting. This standardization reduces administrative complexities, improves accuracy, and promotes more efficient operations for both carriers and government agencies.

  • Streamlined Registration

    The IRP simplifies the registration process for commercial vehicles operating in multiple jurisdictions. It allows carriers to register their vehicles in their base jurisdiction and receive an apportioned registration plate, instead of obtaining separate registrations in each jurisdiction.

  • Consistent Fee Assessment

    The IRP ensures that commercial vehicle registration fees are assessed fairly and consistently. Fees are determined by factors such as vehicle weight, distance traveled, and jurisdictions involved, protecting carriers from excessive fees and promoting equity in fee distribution across jurisdictions.

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