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How to Get Insurance Coverage for Your Trucking Service

How to Get Insurance Coverage for Your Trucking Service

Purchasing insurance for your trucking service in Indiana is a great way to protect your team, your business, and your vehicles. At Plates and Permits Trucking Services, we’ve helped a number of trucking companies find the right insurance plan. Here are some vital things you need to do before getting an insurance plan.

  • Research
    The insurance package you choose will likely include different types of coverage, including basic coverage, special coverage, non-trucking coverage, premiums, and deductible. By understanding how these work, you can identify the best option for your business. So make sure to conduct your research.
  • Get in touch with an expert
    If you need help understanding the different types of trucking insurance policies, you can schedule a consultation with us today. Our team can explain coverage options and walk you through your choices.
  • Prepare your requirements
    Once you’ve identified the right insurance package, you need to prepare your requirements. The requirements may vary the most common items you need to prepare are your active trucking authority and the specifications of your vehicles.

If you have vehicles crossing state lines that are over 26,000 pounds, you should also prepare your driver’s license and IRP.

Finally, if you need license plates in Crestwood, Illinois, our team can help you out. We can handle any type of vehicle in your fleet, ranging from cars to semi-trucks, tractor trucks, and trailers.

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