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The Difference Between a Title and Registration

The Difference Between a Title and Registration

The two most important elements of owning a trucking fleet are processing the title and registration of your vehicles. But what do they each mean and why do you need these documents for your trucking service in Indiana?

  • The Title
    Let’s start by talking about the title. Titles prove who’s the legal owner of a vehicle. It could either be a person or a business, depending on the situation. This document also contains vital information like vehicle identification number, vehicle weight class, date of vehicle purchase, and name and address of the owner.

    At Plates and Permits Trucking Services, we do title work for clients in Illinois and Indiana. Whether the title work is easy or difficult, our experienced team can handle it. If you need help, you can schedule an appointment today.

  • The Registration
    Vehicle registration is required by your local state to validate that you’ve registered your truck, paid taxes, and settled additional fees. When you register your vehicle, you’ll receive license plates in Crestwood, Illinois, and a sticker to indicate that the car is street-legal and roadworthy.

    If you’re registering vehicles that are over 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, you’ll also need to process an IRP plate.

Are you looking for a trucking authority to assist you in processing these documents? We can help you out. Get in touch with us now.

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