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Maintaining License Plates: A Simple and Quick Guide


Your license plate is one of the most visible things in your vehicle. When you clean your car, you focus on its interior and exterior parts but pay less attention to its plate. If left neglected, it would deteriorate and get damaged over time. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend much to replace your plate when it gets damaged. You can maintain this through these simple tips below.

  • Prepare your plate ahead of time.

    Proper maintenance for your license plates in Crestwood, Illinois, means more than just a simple wipe-over. Remove the plate attached to the vehicle, if possible, and use soap and warm water to clean it properly. Check the spaces between the letters and numbers, and ensure it’s dry before putting it back.

  • Check out your license plate for rust.

    If you have a trucking service in Indiana, it’s vital to check out your vehicle’s license plates for some rust that built up over time. Moisture can damage it when left unattended for long. Prevent this and eliminate the need to replace your plates! Remove any rust before it creates long-term damage.

  • Protect the plate and its parts.

    Licenses are essential to let others know that your vehicle is FMCSA-registered, especially when you’re on the street for an inspection. Driving around with a dirty plate may cost you a penalty! Clean and polish the attachments, too.

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