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Signs Your Trucks Need Maintenance Services


Running a trucking business means that you need your trucks to be in their best condition to take on every trip and load given to them. But how do you know if your trucks need maintenance services?

It can be hard to tell which truck needs what type of service, especially if you’re managing a huge fleet. So you’ll have to ask your drivers and their assistant to look out for any signs that their assigned vehicles may need.

You don’t want to have issues with the IRP and other authorities. So Plates and Permits Trucking Services is here to talk about some signs that you should be looking out for:

  • Changes in braking actionAny changes in your truck’s braking action should be treated as an emergency. If not, it can lead to nasty accidents, costly bills, damaged goods, and even bodily injuries. Plus, having to fill out tons of paperwork for your trucking authority is stressful and time-consuming.
  • Engine noisesThose knocking and clunking noises coming from your engine could mean that things have already gone too far. Don’t wait for engine failure or roadside accidents to happen before getting your vehicle fixed.It’s easy to ignore engine noises, but trust us, that will lead to severe consequences. You need your vehicles to be in top shape to fulfill your duties as a trucking service in Indiana.

A broken engine or a dim light can get you into trouble. Don’t get your license plates in Crestwood, Illinois flagged and fined. Get your vehicles checked at the first sign of damage.

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