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The Key Aspects of IRP Services


International Registration Plan (IRP) services refer to the various administrative and operational services associated with the IRP.

These services are primarily concerned with the registration and licensing of commercial motor vehicles that operate in multiple jurisdictions, such as states in the United States or provinces in Canada. To help us learn more about IRP services, we list some key aspects:

  • Facilitate RegistrationIRP services make commercial vehicle registration easier under the IRP agreement. This entails calculating the appropriate registration fees based on variables such as vehicle weight, distance traveled, and jurisdictions involved.
  • Apportioned License PlatesIRP services issue apportioned license plates, also referred to as IRP plates or apportioned plates, which allow commercial vehicles to operate in multiple jurisdictions. These plates typically display the license numbers of all jurisdictions in which the vehicle is permitted to operate.
  • Fee Calculation and PaymentThe apportioned registration fees for each jurisdiction are calculated by IRP services based on the vehicle’s mileage or other agreed-upon factors. They are also in charge of collecting and distributing these fees among the jurisdictions involved.

Overall, IRP services aim to simplify administrative procedures and promote efficiency and consistency in fee calculation and payment for commercial motor vehicles operating in multiple jurisdictions.

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